July 20, 2015 Mederi Stretta and Secca International Training - Izmir Turkey

Stretta and Secca Training - Izmir Turkey 2015

Stretta and Secca training will be held this fall in Izmir Turkey at EGE University, presented by Professor Serhat Bor in two interesting formats.

GI AND MOTILITY COURSE - NOVEMBER 12-14, 2015: Mederi, EGE University and MMS are teaming up to again offer a GI and Motility Course - including live Stretta and Secca patient cases. For more information on registration go to: http://www.mmsinternational.com/int/1672/mms-education-clinical-training-get-started-with-your-gi-lab-izmir

STRETTA SMALL GROUP HANDS-ON TRAINING: Learn about the Stretta procedure in small groups that include live cases and unique presentations by Professor Bor. The workshops are limited to three (3) doctors per class. Dates to be announced and participation is by invitation only in conjunction with our international distribution teams. To be on the invitation list for Stretta small group training in Turkey please email: training@mederi-inc.com.

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