The Mederi Secca physician training consists of three levels.

Level 1

Level 1 training is web-based training with detailed analysis of the anatomy, physiology, causes and treatments of Bowel Incontinence or BCE (Bowel Control Disorder), RF energy, the Stretta system technology and procedure. Following completion of the online module, the physician takes the Secca on-line test. A Level 1 certificate is emailed to the physician if requested and is kept on file at Mederi.

Level 2

Level 2 Training is a hands-on training session at the physician's location and convenience. This level includes:

  • A complete review of device operations
  • Handpiece insertion
  • Inanimate treatment replication
  • Equipment troubleshooting

Level 3

A Certified Mederi representative observes the first six Secca clinical procedures to provide verbal technical assistance to the physician and staff to ensure proper set up and completion of Secca procedures.

At the completion of all three levels, the physician is certified in Secca Therapy and a Certificate of Training is retained on file at Mederi, and emailed at request to the physician.

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